So my last giveaway with Tiger & Bunny tea was really fun, and with that in mind, I’d like to do it again! 

This time, it’s all six of these doujinshi. Three of them are Kotetsu/Barnaby and three of them are Barnaby/Kotetsu - all of them by fabulous artists! All of them? Quite smutty, though two of them are a little softer. These are from my personal collection and so they are in nearly perfect condition; a couple were scanned, but I take care to preserve the binding and these in particular have very little wear and tear to them. 

Hop on eBay, and you’re looking at close to $150+ for all of these! 

The rules of engagement? You can reblog this as many times as you want, but please think about how your followers must feel seeing this spam their dash, haha. Likes do not count, and I’ll ship to anywhere in the world if you’re the winner. I do ask that you are following me, because really, this is a gift to all of my followers. If you want T&B yaoi doujinshi, you’ll like my blog - I basically post slash-related pictures and fanfics and scanlations from my group! 

So, in summation:

1. Reblog as much as you like

2. Likes don’t count

3. Follow me!

The giveaway will end May 18th. That gives you a full month to try and win! 

Good luck, and a huge thank you to everyone that continues to support me within the Tiger & Bunny community!

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