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I don’t have enough yaoi on my dash. It’s been lacking lately. And I need some recs.

What are your favorite yaoi blogs?

Or do you think I should follow your blog?

Give me your recs and point out some awesome blogs you like that post quality dick! Or if you think your blog is rocking, point it out and I’ll take a look. It’s going to be followed by my personal blog, not this one, just in case you look to see if I followed. 

Help a yaoi addict out?

hello! im a trans guy myself, and i dont really find it rude be asked where to find good chest binders. after all, we need good ones ourselves so of course we'd probably know best where to find some! ebay(.)com/itm/Les-Lesbian-Tomboy-Chest-Binder-Undershirt-Slim-Fit-Vest-Tops-XS-XXL-LJN-/161333999952?pt=US_Corsets_Bustiers&var=&hash=item2590417950 for the anon, this is a pretty good binder. it binds really well and gets me perfectly flat! and it doubles as a tank as well!

Thank you!

hi! is it considered rude to ask a trans man where to get good chest binders? :D

I think you’d be better off first asking if they’re open to giving advice or tips.Then proceed to ask your question. Of course assure them that they don’t have to answer if they don’t want to. 

I know we have some trans followers out there, what do you think? (send in advice and I’ll post it up) 


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so are the dmmd boys' dongs uncircumcised or not? I'm currently having a discussion with a friend of mine regarding this topic. What do you think? (sorry for this utterly stupid question but I really wanted to hear the unpixelating-dong-magician's opinion D: )





*sips coffee*

Well, circumcision is not common practice for non-medical reasons in Japan (or Germany), so most of the boys should be uncircumcised.

Mink (whose magical unicorn dick never appears in any cg scene!) could be a possible exception, since he’s implied to be American, but I’m not entirely convinced. Considering the practice is so uncommon in Japan, I imagine Aoba would have remarked on it being different upon seeing it for the first time. 

The Unpixelating Dong Magician will be the title of my biography.

I had this discussion with cakefuckerofficial, we figured that Mink was probably circumcised. However, we also believe that Noiz may have had it done voluntarily (i.e. as an older teen/adult) in order to see if it would help him feel more down there, so he likely would have less scarring. Clear may or may not have been made with a “foreskin”, but I’m not sure if such a thing would matter much on a robot. Everyone else is likely intact.

((I will die with my headcanon that Noiz got himself circumcised just to see if it would help him feel something. No doubt in my mind he would make it happen. And Clear may be circumcised just because the difficulty if trying I make retracting foreskin would be a bitch…. But who knows))

Actually, I really like this headcanon.


let’s play How Many Kinks Can You Spot ready go

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:3 nsfw yo!!


Guest picture for the Bad Company doujin that would be sold at Summer Comiket next month —- I very much wish this would be part of the upcoming story but I’m sure it’s far from it. Anyways I already had this picture drawn mentally when I read what happened to David in the Bad Company doujin (OUT SOON BUY IT this picture will be in it WITHOUT CENSOR) But I was told that if this post receives OVERWHELMING reactions, there’d be a side story of UKE David!!! 見たいですよね?ね!!LET’S START REACTING UWAAAAAAA